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Outreach Zanzibar is a non-profit, non-governmental organization set up to bring development assistance to the people of Zanzibar. We believe that a collaborative effort and approach to small, grass-roots projects can and will benefit many on the islands who have been less fortunate and privileged in terms of education, opportunities and basic needs.

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Ann & Caroline’s Progress Report – 15/1/16

Monday January 11 – Back to school for real today! We joined English lessons with the teachers.  Caroline was with the brand new intake who are just learning how to greet each other in English.  She was shocked that they had to sit on the concrete floor 6 hours. Ann joined a class in the […]

Ann & Caroline’s Progress Report From Christmas to New Year 2016

Wednesday December 23 – our family enjoys visiting the Prospective Learning and Charitable Institution. Gasica arranged for each of us to meet groups of about 7 students.  Each group had a senior student as facilitator who made sure that beginner, intermediate and advanced students all had the opportunity to interact with us.  Then “Question Time” […]

Ann & Caroline’s End of Term Report December 19, 2015

Monday December 14 – We raided the kitchen and took several forks, a knife, a variety of spoons, some crockery and a cooking pot in to school.  In each class the kit was used to demonstrate prepositions in action. We started with the teachers who were impressed with the quality of our pot and took […]

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