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 As an aspiring economist I have not yet taken a geography class at NU.  With that said, here is my attempt at a geographical summary of what constitutes Zanzibar.  Officially, Zanzibar is a cluster of islands made up of two larger islands, Pemba and Unguja.  I live and work on Unguja.  Since Unguja is larger, […]

Brief History

The majority of Africa gained their independence in the 1960’s from European Colonials (French, Brits, Italians, Portuguese, Belgians and the Dutch).  Once the colonials in the ‘60’s left, they took the wealth of the countries in which they were established and brought it home to Europe.  Speculations of millions dollars worth of Tanzanian diamonds left […]

Thoughts from the Dr.

Last Wednesday, June 29th Dr. Feroz a dentist who runs the dental clinic for Outreach Zanzibar Foundation arrived back in Zanzibar after spending 7 weeks in Brighton, England.  Feroz, now a dentist by trade, grew up on the island and left at the age of 16 after the democratic transition of power in which the […]

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