Who we are

The three former schoolmates whose shared vision and love of Zanzibar that has led to Outreach Zanzibar are business advisor Mr. Hassan Jaffer, dental surgeon Dr. Feroz Jafferji, and playwright Mr. Issak Esmail Issak.

Hassan Jaffer

Hassan left the islands to pursue higher education and settled in Canada to raise his family and pursue a 35 year career in the corporate recovery and reorganization practice in Canada, leading up to his retirement this year from Grant Thornton Consulting in Toronto.

Hassan has over three decades of experience providing business and financial advice to major banks and to businesses facing financial challenges in Canada. He has also worked on business assignments in U.S.A., U.K., the Middle East, Africa and India. His experience in  business and financial consulting, hands-on management for mid-market enterprises and business reorganizations enabled him to travel extensively and to gain  international experience in selling, marketing, negotiating and conflict resolution.

Dr. Feroz Jafferji

Feroz left the islands for the UK where he ended up specializing as a dental surgeon in 1972. Feroz practiced conservative and implant dentistry for over 35 years and in the process gained exceptional clinical and management experience to develop and deliver advance clinical treatments across a wide range of dental specialties.

Since the early 1980s Feroz has been involved in voluntary dental services for the needy and deprived people anywhere where these services are not easily available or affordable for the local population.

Some of the countries he has served include Israel, Gambia, Romania, Sierra Leone.  He has also contributed through charitable work in Bosnia, India, Pakistan and Tanzania.

Board of Directors

Hassan Jaffer, Retired Partner Grant Thornton Consulting, Toronto Canada

Jim Dahl,  Former Executive Director Canadian Feed the Children,  Toronto Canada

Dr. Feroz Jafferji, Retired Dental Surgeon, Brighton, UK

Rea Godbold, Retired Partner, Grant Thornton LLP  Toronto, Canada

Narendra Gajjar, Press Photographer/Activist Calgary, Canada

Mehadi Sayed, President and CEO of Clinisys EMR Inc., Edmonton, Canada

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