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Ann & Caroline’s Status Report December 11, 2015

Monday December 7 – Aspects of time formed the subject matter for today in the teachers’ session.  We had a lively discussion about attitudes toward time, in the course of which we elucidated some well known sayings such as ‘time waits for no man, “time is on our side”, and ‘time flies.”  The concept of […]

Ann & Caroline’s Status Report December 4, 2015

Monday November 30 – All 800 children are back in school after an absence of 6 weeks…they just aren’t in the classrooms or learning! Some rather lackadaisical sweeping and grass cutting was taking place, but at the end of the day it looked the same as last week.   We teach the oldest year group, aged […]

Ann & Caroline’s Status Report November 27, 2015

Monday November 23 – Today we are on our own!  Feroz and Hassan have gone to the mainland of Tanzania and we have programmed into our local phone a list of people who can help with various emergencies ranging from lack of electricity (go and buy some more from the shop at “Jaws Corner”), theft […]

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