Nov 2012 Progress Report

Nov 2012 Progress Report

Zanzibar HELP Foundation

Progress Report to our Major Supporters

20 November, 2012


On 23rd July, 2010 Zanzibar HELP Foundation (“ZHELP”) was registered in Zanzibar as a not for profit organization under the Societies Act No. 6 of 1995. The objectives of ZHELP are:

  1. Advancement of Education for children in Zanzibar
  2. Advancement of Health for people in Zanzibar, and
  3. Advancement of Art in Zanzibar

We began our work in January, 2011. Dr. Jafferji and Hassan Jaffer have been working in Zanzibar since January, 2011. Dilip Pattni has now also joined the Board of Directors and also doubles as our Treasurer. Considerable progress has been made in the first two objectives, however we have not commenced any work in the Arts due to lack of funds and manpower. This report will cover what has been achieved to-date, in collaboration with Outreach Zanzibar Foundation (“OZ”), a Canadian Charity set up to help raise awareness and funds for our work. Both Dr. Jafferji and Hassan Jaffer sit on the Board of Directors of ZHELP as well as that of OZ.

Advancement of Education

We adopted a school in the village of Unguja Ukuu, Zanzibar where we decided to:

  • Rehabilitate classrooms and school facilities
  • Supply teaching materials, including books, education supplies and computers
  • Establish and operate libraries

The school consisted of three dilapidated structures with leaky roofs and no electricity. We rebuilt the first structure (Phase 1) during February and March 2011 at a cost of $13,000. This was a joint project with the teachers and the local community. The local community provided free labour and transportation while our charity provided building materials and managed the project.

Phase 2 construction (the second shed) was completed in June, 2012. This was a bigger structure than the first one and we also added a storage room, the headmaster’s office as well as installed electric lighting throughout the structure. The total cost of this shed was approximately $20,000.

The new Phase 1 structure was formally opened on 19th March, 2011 by the Zanzibar Minister of Education and Vocational Training. The President of Zanzibar, Dr. Shein also visited the school to inspect Phase 2 completion and has encouraged us to continue our work.

We are currently finalizing Phase 3 construction plans and are aiming to have a completely rebuilt Unguja Ukuu Primary School by February, 2013 – exactly two years from when we started!

During 2011 we were also able to obtain a commitment and funding jointly from the Rotary Club of Brighton & Hove (UK), Rouen Vallee (France), Salerno (Italy) and Amersfoort (Holland) to set up mini- libraries in each of the fourteen classes at the school. This project was spearheaded by Cathy Spierenburg from the Rotary Club of Amersfoort and was completed during March 2012 when three representatives from Holland arrived in Zanzibar to hand over the mini-libraries. The libraries were equipped with 1000 books of a variety of subjects which were strategically placed in each class commensurate with the reading abilities of the children. All the school children were also supplied with weather resistant satchels for the books and they are now required to borrow a book each week to read at home. This program, while still new, is beginning to show some positive results and we shall continue to monitor and report on it in the future.

The children of a Canadian Public School organized a book drive for our school and we were able to ship 20 boxes of books to the school this spring. These books will be placed in the mini libraries as well.

We were also able to recruit a couple from Scotland who spent 4 months at the school to provide basic computer classes to the teachers and some interested villagers. We now have 10 teachers and 10 villagers who are computer literate!


Advancement of Health

During 2011 we set up two dental clinics in Zanzibar; one in Stonetown and one at Makunduchi Area Hospital which is operated by a British Charity in a joint venture agreement with the Zanzibar Ministry of Health.

Our dental clinic in town is doing exceptionally well! In addition to serving the needy, Dr. Jafferji has developed a huge following of the expatriates who work in Zanzibar and he also gets a constant flow of referrals from the tourists resorts on the island to help their guests with emergency dental needs. We also conduct regular dental camps in villages. Altogether we have served approximately 7,000 during the last 12 months. Our outreach visits to the village could be considerably increased if we had our own vehicle instead of getting rental transportation each time we have to go out.

A dental therapist works at the Makunduchi clinic and provides pain relief, including extractions to the local people. We support the clinic by providing a fully qualified dentist once a week to deal with complex cases, to do restorative work and to further train the therapist.

We plan to open another clinic in Kivunge on the north side of the island sometime next year. We have already secured two dental chairs for the new location and are looking for other equipment and supplies before we can launch it!  This clinic will be run from a small local hospital which will be operated by the same British Charity which operates Makunduchi hospital.

To advance dental health education we have now secured a regular slot on Zanzibar TV and radio Zanzibar once a month with a live phone in to educate the local people on dental disease and how to prevent dental decay and gum problems. This has been a tremendous success and will continue indefinitely in the future.

We strive to avoid total dependence on donations by undertaking self-sustaining projects where possible and also to engage the local residents to make in-kind contribution to our projects. For example, the villagers and teachers in Unguja Ukuu provide labour and transportation and we provide the materials for school construction, and the Stonetown dental clinic generates positive cash flow to cover our operating expenses including dental supplies and medicines, salaries of three local people including a local dentist and overheads expenses. Excess funds from the clinic are also used for school construction.



Our Plans for 2013

Our plans for 2013 include the following:

1.     School Project:

  • Complete Phase 3 construction;
  • Construct a computer centre and continue with computer classes;
  • Recruit qualified local and foreign teachers to teach our teachers;
  • Expand our library and secure more teaching aids.

2.     Dental Project:

  • Secure a digital x-ray machine for the Stonetown clinic;
  • Set up the Kivunge clinic;
  • Secure a vehicle and mobile dental unit for outreach program.


Expansion Plans

As you can see, considerable progress has been made since we started and we are now well positioned to contemplate expanding into other health related areas where there is a strong need for service to the people of Zanzibar. In that regard, we have identified a need for eye care services and are currently in discussions with a foreign qualified ophthalmologist (Dr. Amal Hosney) who lives in Zanzibar, to perform the work under ZHELP. Dr. Amal is very eager to join us and our preliminary analysis indicates that we can provide a much needed service with a manageable initial capital investment if we were to have both the dental and the eye clinics under one roof. If we are to proceed with the expansion we need:

  • To secure a larger location to consolidate the two practices;
  • To purchase eye care equipment for the clinic at a cost of approximately $10,000.

We are actively chasing down two leads for a larger location and are optimistic that we shall be able to secure one soon, however we still need to get the required funding for the clinic equipment.

Thank You

As a major supporter of Zanzibar HELP Foundation, you have played a significant role in getting us to where we are and for that we thank you! We hope that the progress we have made to-date will encourage you to consider us for further support as we continue to expand our activities in Zanzibar.



Zanzibar HELP Foundation Team


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