Health Advancement Project

Basic healthcare is fundamental to human existence. Yet the people of Zanzibar have access to so little in the way of medical facilities. With the help of yet another schoolmate, Dr. Omar Saleh who practices in Zanzibar, we have  already begun work on setting up a dental clinic

Here’s what we need to achieve:

  • Provide dental care by establishing, operating and supplying more not-for-profit dental clinics so that people have access to care.
  • Provide volunteer dentists, hygienists and nurses to teach and practice at the clinics so that knowledge is transferred and care is perpetuated.
  • Provide non-profit hospitals with medical and dental equipment to continually improve the state of health care.

We’ve made some progress:

Dr. Saleh has generously provided us with a room in his Shangani clinic. We are in the process of renovating the room and supplying equipment through donations secured to date. These photos tell the story better than words. 

We need your help to continue. How Can I Help?

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