Education Advancement Project

The standard of education in Zanzibar has fallen considerable during post independence years. Graduates of basic education lack adequate communication and language skills and there are vast gaps in their knowledge of current affairs, science and mathematics when compared to children of the same age in neighbouring countries. The government recognizes this very serious problem but the limited resources available to the state authorities are grossly insufficient to meet the needs to universally upgrade the standard of education. Consequently, the current Zanzibar Education Master Plan calls for forging strategic partnerships with NGOs and local communities in developing the standard of education through professional upgrading of teachers, promoting school based management and self-reliance.

The advancement of education for children in need in not-for-profit schools in Zanzibar is critical to the goal of moving Zanzibari families from subsistence to self-sufficiency and beyond. Education for the poor in Zanzibar is crumbling. Quite literally.

Many of the schools don’t have roofs to keep out the monsoon rains, let alone computer labs, books and enough teachers. Take the Unguja Ukuu Primary School for example. [link to a photo gallery] The students are ready to learn and the teachers are ready to teach. But we need to start from the ground up to provide an environment fit for learning.

This is what is required:

During our one month visit to Zanzibar this past July we made some progress:

We need your help to continue. How can I help?

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